Victoria University is proudly partnering for the second time with Wynter Projects to co-produce West Projections Festival which has been running for four years.  

West Projections aims to connect and build links between artists and creatives with local businesses, festival participants and the Footscray community. A significant part of the West Projection Festival is audience participation, with the facilitation of a series of free public guided art walks. The walks include uniquely curated artist talks at projection sites. Each walk ends at a location the audience is then invited to chat with the artists and discuss their experiences. The West Projection Festival continues to provide a regular creative platform for artists which generates income and a profile for the artists and the local community.


The focus for West Projections festival 2017 is ‘Synthesis’. Synthesis is defined as ‘combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity.’ This theme is poignant for the projection festival given the current political environment coupled with the diversity of Footscray. The festival aims to celebrate commonalities rather than differences through video projection. The human race has survived by collaboration, unity and solidarity. Presenting a festival that celebrates these positive achievements represents a unified response to the global climate.